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A security force attacks Jessa's camp and captures her.

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With Jessa gone, Dylan tries to finish work on the battery, as Rommie's power is fading, but does not have much luck. Rommie urges Dylan to look out for himself, saying that the avatar is expendable, but Dylan is not. The warden is interrogating Jessa. He claims that she could not have built the helicopters, because descendants of criminals could not be that intelligent.

Andromeda has arrived at the prison planet it was the one selected by Trance. Rommie tries to warn them about the defense grid, but her batteries are too weak.

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The Maru comes under missile fire from the defense grid. Dylan has figured out that Kae-lee and Jessa are sisters. He convinces Kae-lee to help him rescue Jessa. They get Xax to help them break into the building, but Xax is killed.

25: What if you rose from the ashes of addiction?

Dylan and Kae-lee find Jessa and the warden. The warden knocks Dylan down and breaks Kae-lee's neck, but Rommie comes to the rescue, disabling the warden. Dylan disables the defense grid, allowing the Maru to land safely. Dylan invites Jessa to leave with him, but she decides to stay on the planet to look after the people there.

Dylan talks to Trance on the Obs deck. He introduces her to the coin-flipping game, and she guesses wrong. Trance claims that finding the right planet was just a lucky guess, but as Dylan leaves, she is flipping the coin, and guessing right every time. Harper: There have got to be hundreds of prison planets! Andromeda: , to be exact. Trance: Really Beka: Why did you pick that one? Trance: Well Tyr: It's pretty?

Jumping ash

Well, there's a solid reason for us to risk our lives! Harper: Do you have a better idea? Tyr: No. Harper: Well, we got to start somewhere.

A Rose in the Ashes

Note that Trance picked the right planet. Warden: The majority of prisoners benefit from the smooth and efficient operation of the system. You are disrupting it. Why can't I make you understand that? Jessa: Poor communication skills?

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Dylan shuts down the defense grid in time to save the Maru Dylan : over comm Eureka Maru , you are clear to land. Tyr : realizing what happened Dylan. Beka : You know, I'm starting to like thay guy. For more information see:. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. A Rose in the Ashes Production Episode 1.

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