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Pakistani Wife Ass Fucking. Marla then tells him to lighten up and it was too bad they had a Crappy Christmas last year. Crappy Christmas??

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A Crappy Christmas is when your present get stolen by a crook or your electricity dies on a cold day. Having to deal with a Mutant Snowman with the mind of a killer is worse than a Crappy Christmas. Anyway, Marla hits the bullseye. And Marla is happy about this as the rest still suck at it and Sam still is not feeling right.

Oh and she hits a bullseye again as she tells Sam he needs to find something else to worry about. As they are shocked, Manners goes behind Sam and tells him to meet him at reception in 10 minutes.

So Sam goes to the reception desk and as Manners is done with the bathroom break, they both talk about the situation of a killer at this resort. Manners also admits that he was fired by the FBI as no one believed him about a killer snowman.

So Manners also makes him meet Captain Fun, who he says is in on this secret meeting and as an actor, he is honored that he plays his part. Captain Fun says this idea is the answer to all sorts of incidents. Oh yeah and Sam looks pretty bad in his disguise.

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We also learn that Sam has a bad allergy to bananas. Remember that because it is going to come back in the worst of ways. This freaks Sam out so he starts hunting for Jack. Sam sees a carrot on the ground and someone dressed as a snowman comes behind Sam. Sam hits him with an oar. Captain Fun says something is obviously wrong with Sam and Sam gets in trouble with the rest of the group.

Oh and Hickering yells at Manners and is adamant there is no killer. He then sends everyone off to bed. While in bed, Anne is insistent to Sam that Jack cannot be here, even signaling that she may consider leaving him over this. Meanwhile, Jack grabs that carrot on the ground as that was his nose. Most people are sleeping and Jack decides now is the time. He starts by going to the pool as Cindy is going for a swim.

While she goes underwater, Jack decides to freeze the top of the pool so Cindy cannot get up to breathe. She sees Jack Frost and screams, but of course that allows all the water into her lungs and she drowns. Jack Frost then decides to make the whole place cold. Jack even has this line. Sam wakes up to a cold chill outside and then he sees that it is snowing.

And once again, no one except Sam sees a problem with this. Hickering thinks this is fine and talks in the past about something like this happening, even though that was hale, not snow. Sam now is adamant that Jack Frost is here as he and Anne go inside. Meanwhile, the two douches that never showed for the three dead girls earlier are at a frozen pole. One of them is upset that their beer is cold while the other one agrees, but is happy to see a frozen pole.

The taller one then convinces the shorter one to stick his tongue on the pole and he will pour the warm beer down the pole, which will make the beer cold and will unfreeze his tongue.

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This is all BS, but the shorter guy falls for it and sticks his tongue so it is stuck. He then tries to get the taller guy to pour the beer, but he laughs at how he fooled his so-called friend and just leaves him hanging. Jack Frost shows up and sees the situation so he decides to help in his own murderous way. Anyway, after Jack kills the one guy, we go to see that Captain Fun has made a bunch of snowballs for the random people to have. Jack then decides that he is going to have in on the snowball fun, but his snowballs are deadly. So Jack starts killing people with deadly snowballs.

Sam knows the horrors that emerge, but Joe and Marla only see problems once they see Jack killing a dude with an icicle. This also causes fear from Hickering, Bobby, and Captain Fun so they run indoors as more people are killed. Sam sees a snowman that obviously is not Jack Frost and decides that with a vial of concentrated anti-freeze around his neck, he is going to splash it on him.

Sam sees this and runs along with everyone else. Manners then shows up with a gun and Jack decides that he has to run. Oh and Marla finds out that Manners is here to.