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I don't remember her but apparently if not for the law she would've killed me and Taye?

Patricia Arquette says the woman worked with her on the NBC series "Medium" for 2 seasons and says one of her friends from the set told her, "This is really sad. Wow I'm actually shaking. This was not who she was at all It's like I'm watching a person that has completely come undone. Heather apologized for her racist rant in an Instagram story She says she's lost her job as a result.

Heather deleted all her IG posts and her bio now reads, "Please do not contact me. I was intoxicated and I sincerely apologize to everyone whom I disrespected and let down for my actions. Please forgive me. An Alaska Airlines passenger flying coach was arrested by federal authorities after he went nuclear because he was blocked from using the first-class bathroom. He ranted, "By making 7 people wait here to use the bathroom while the whole bathroom up there is empty, it's wrong.

The pilot got on the horn and tried to cajole the passenger -- who was decked out in a Jets jersey and matching hat -- to sit down That's when the man allegedly threatens to kill the pilot and others onboard.

The plane made an emergency landing in Kansas City and passengers cheered as the guy was removed from the plane and taken into custody. Justin and Hailey Bieber are getting ready for a lavish wedding in South Carolina Justin and Hailey are set to walk down the aisle Monday at the Montage Palmetto Bluff, and some of the most prized areas on the property are being closed off from hotel guests.

The Montage hotel sent guests an email, obtained by TMZ, informing them their stay will have some pretty big hiccups. The email was sent late Wednesday, and some of the guests are angry they're getting such late notice. According to the email, Montage guests are barred from using the spa, a pool and a fancy restaurant for 48 hours while the Biebers enjoy unlimited access during their destination wedding.

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The heavy restrictions are in place from noon Sunday to noon Tuesday -- so say goodbye to Sunday Funday. For its part, the Montage is offering guests refunds, alternate bookings and upgrades Justin and Hailey picked the venue after falling in love with Palmetto Bluff -- a breathtaking waterfront area on the May River and major tourist hot spot.

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Hailey enjoyed a penis-filled Bachelorette party with Kendall Jenner and co. Some Eagles and Packers fans got into an all-out brawl in the stands at Lambeau Field on Thursday night The brawl got pretty intense What would any game involving the Eagles be without someone being taken away in handcuffs pic.

Eventually, cops came in to break it up We're told the three -- who were 37 years old, 34 years old and 32 years old -- were all hit with charges of unlawful conduct at a public event. We're told as punishment for their crimes Aubrey O'Day says she was shocked and disturbed when an American Airlines employee made her turn her shirt inside out in front of the entire plane, but as with most social media rants The Danity Kane singer took to Twitter Thursday night to put a male AA flight attendant on blast, claiming he treated her "like a punished lil child in timeout the entire flight" after making her undress in front of everyone because he "didn't like my shirt.

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Witnesses on the flight tell TMZ Our sources say when the flight attendant asked her to change it, she complained and said she was going to post about it on social media. We're told Aubrey claimed she didn't have another shirt, so she was then asked to turn hers inside out She could have gone to the restroom, but we're told she decided to slip her shirt off on the spot, exposing her bra.

AA tells us it has reached out to O'Day asking for more info so it can look into the incident, but according to her Twitter Aubrey has no interest in dealing with the airline any further. Dustin May 's fastball is scary as hell For some reason, L. May's Pennywise fit stole the show -- seriously, don't let your kids see it get it! Power hitters Justin Turner and A. Dodgers wrap up the regular season in San Francisco this weekend and then the postseason begins Felicity Huffman 's daughter will get a second bite of the apple -- as in she can take another SAT test -- because there's no proof she was involved in rigging the first one she took.

The proctor gave Sophia extra time to take the exam and then fixed some of the wrong answers. For that, Felicity pled guilty to a felony and will serve 14 days. We've heard Sophia wants to go to college and must take a legit SAT test. Here's the thing So far, everyone who has looked at Felicity's case has concluded Sophia was in the dark. There is one thing By Nellie Andreeva , Denise Petski. By Pete Hammond. By Denise Petski.

By Dominic Patten. By Geoff Boucher. By Bruce Haring. By Amanda N'Duka.

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By Nellie Andreeva. By Anthony D'Alessandro. All Rights reserved.

Read the full story. Latest News. McDermid takes us from the present day to as Pirie sets out to investigate a wartime murder that will have grim ramifications decades later. Bruised by office politics, she is less interested in promotion than in cracking her case. The novel is narrated with endearing wit by Jean Mason, who runs a bookshop in Toronto.

She learns from a customer that she has been seen elsewhere, with a slightly altered appearance. Is she losing her mind? Surface reality becomes increasingly hard to pin down as the book moves towards its phantasmagorical climax.

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One of the key pleasures of the best thriller writing is its slaking of our thirst to travel. A volunteer firefighter dies after a hidden weapons cache detonates in a burning shed. Evidence suggests the involvement of German neo-Nazis or arms traders from former Yugoslavia.