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The WST module shall cover the following topics. Some Statistics This will provide current statistics with respect to the crime against women and what in general do the women of the country feel with regards to their safety. Personal Safety Guidelines This will include in brief the rights that are enjoyed by Women. At home. Vehicle Safety. Public Transport Outstation travel. Hotel Safety. At social gatherings. Self Defense Techniques Basics of the self-defence system, how should one react in an unfriendly situation.

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Rather, it is the product of two inescapable facts. First, Japan faces a demographic trajectory that threatens its future in many ways.


The government has forecast the number of citizens between the ages of 18 and 26 years old will shrink from 11 million in to 7 million in ; it was 17 million in It is expanding the age range for new recruits but one increasingly compelling solution is to recruit more women. Currently, just 6.

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A second reason to push for more women in the SDF, as in every other facet of life in Japan, is that in every way, the inclusion of women creates better results for an organization. That is not to say that women are necessarily better at decision making or military tasks, but they bring a different perspective and the evidence is clear that a diversity of outlooks in the decision-making process produces better outcomes.

Greater inclusion in the SDF faces several barriers, not least of which is a belief that some jobs are not for women which is part of a more extensive social narrative about the place of women. That is eroding, but slowly. Now, opinion surveys routinely show more than 90 percent public support for the SDF. Even with some physical troubles I was having, he found a way to help me through the moves!

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My favorite is Chin-na! Master Frost also teaches Kenpo Karate. The school is family-friendly, so bring the kids. You will be glad you did.

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They have more confidence, do better in school and become better little people! I'm back in martial arts after many years of being away. Wanted a dojo and sensei who knew what they were doing and I found it.

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They offer many different classes to fit everyone's style, budget, and timeframe.