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It was a woman.

The Dungeon Dozen

They threw out a rope and pulled her in! WPS Billie has a brand-new tent and Jack is camping with her. When it is pm they get a teensy bit scared. I give this book 10 out of 10 because it was an intriguing book. This book is the best choice for a Choose Your Own Adventure book. It a good story because kids who like camping and adventure will like it.

I give it a 10 out of 10, when you have spare time you should go and read it. It is about Andy and Terry and they live in a tree, well when I say tree, I mean a treehouse. In my opinion life is like a roller coaster for them both. The boy went to hospital for a few days. It is as sad as a pet that had passed away. The other boy tried to stop the boy who rode on the rails. The boy who rode on the rails had no helmet. Oh no!

People who like bike adventures will like this book. I love this book! WPS Amy is so excited because it is her birthday so she goes outside for her birthday. Amy is so excited because she thought she got a cat but instead she got a new cubby house.

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Inside of her was disappointed. I give this book 7 out of 10 because it was an interesting book to read. When he got older he tried to find more mutants to create a team. He found them, and they fought off villains. I give this book 8 out of 10 because of how he finds the mutants and how they fight. Reviewed by Charlie B. I give this book 10 out of 10 because it is a great book. WPS The story is about when Tashi tells his scariest adventure to his best friend.

Then he goes somewhere because of his job. When they look in there they found a room. They opened it and found coins, gold and stolen things. I give this book 8 out of 10 because I like some scary things and because I like Tashi books. CLPS This book very, very funny. This book also has a lot of villains in it and they like to steal stuff like all villains do. It also has a joke page which is hilarious. This book is so funny it makes your sides hurt!

I really enjoyed this book. CLPS Shadow is a puppy who is quite cheeky but trying to be so good for her owner. Stacy, the owner of Shadow, takes care of her very well.

December 2005

CLPS I absolutely adored this amazing book because it was really funny. It is also really loooooooooooong. I rate this book 1 googolplexian out of 1 googolplexian. Everyone should read this. CLPS I love this book because it has all different pages about different things. It also helps a little with your feelings and a bit how to handle them. CLPS Climb back into the treehouse for some more fun from 39 to Is it even funnier?


Yes definitely way funnier. Another great book by Andy and Terry. This is a great series. CLPS I really, really enjoyed this book. It is good, grand and wonderful. I really like Ella and how determined she was to win when she was chosen to be on a TV show.

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I recommend this book to anyone who likes learning valuable lessons. From anglerfish to clownfish then lionfish to sea turtles and more. So many words to use and learn. What sea animal do you like? You should read it. WPS It was about a family that went roller skating together. I give this book 10 out of 10 because it was very exciting. We keep reviewing so that you will keep reading! I believe that Nikki should have more friends as she is nice, kind and very caring.

Mackenzie is the most popular person in the whole school.

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She is also as mean as a fox eating a rabbit. Mackenzie blames Nikki for everything. Nikki uses the money she won sensibly, she saves it to use next year for the next art competition.

The Turtle Tier List

WPS It was about a family that loves music. No matter what Erica does, it just doesn't work out! She finds one thing that she can do but everyone was afraid of her so she left to return to her cave.

Sunshine Zoo #3: The Tortoise Treasure

Erica ended up having a baby. She was proud. Then she just realised that she needed a family after all. This book is as great as a Candy World in your own backyard. This book is for kids who like dragons.

I rate it 7 out of It was funny when Greg's dad burst out of the Beardo's room without his pants pulled up. It is super funny. I believe that the whole world's population should read this book because it is funny, silly and tricky. Do you really want to be bored all day? This book is about a man who uses his sense of smell with a dog who is small and stretchy.

The dog's name is FiDo. The book is as funny as a hand-standing pet. This book is for everyone. This book is a comedy because Weirdo's father is a person who can smell from a long way. You should read this if you like comedy. People who like funny books should read this. CLPS This book would be perfect if you like adventures. Emma is a good agent. If you're wondering how great this book is, it's good, great and wonderful, that's how great it is. Now the agents are: Emma and Elle who are the best agents in the world. My personal favourite character is Emma because her loyalty to her manager is very high.

Emma likes the song Pink Shadow and also her friends too. I give this book a 10 out of 10, that's how great it is. For these reasons I have given you proof of why you should read it. Have I convinced you? They are dangerous and powerful, they can hurt you and they can really get angry.