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Tecuciztecatl jumped in after him and became a second sun. The gods realized that two suns would overwhelm the world, so they threw a rabbit at Tecuciztecal, and it became the moon—that is why you can still see the rabbit in the moon today. The two celestial bodies were set in motion by Ehecatl, the god of the wind, who fiercely and violently blew the sun into motion.

The Fifth Sun called 4-Movement is ruled by Tonatiuh , the sun god.

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This fifth sun is characterized by the sign Ollin, which means movement. According to Aztec beliefs, this indicated that this world would come to an end through earthquakes, and all the people will be eaten by sky monsters.

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Failure to do this would cause the end of their world and the disappearance of the sun from the sky. A version of this myth is recorded on the famous Aztec Calendar Stone , a colossal stone sculpture whose images referred to one version of this creation tale linked to Aztec history.

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At the end of each year cycle, the Aztec priests carried out the New Fire ceremony, or "binding of the years. The Aztec people would clean their houses, discarding all household idols, cooking pots, clothing, and mats.

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During the last five days, fires were extinguished, and the people climbed on their roofs to await the fate of the world. On the last day of the calendar cycle, the priests would climb the Star Mountain, today known in Spanish as Cerro de la Estrella, and watch the rise of the Pleiades to ensure it followed its normal path. A fire drill was placed on the heart of a sacrificial victim: if the fire could not be lit, the myth said, the sun would be destroyed forever.

The successful fire was then brought to Tenochtitlan to relight hearths throughout the city. According to the Spanish chronicler Bernardo Sahagun, the New Fire ceremony was conducted every 52 years in villages throughout the Aztec world. Updated by K.

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Kris Hirst. Share Flipboard Email. Nicoletta Maestri is a Ph. Updated December 30, The first god to sacrifice himself was Tezcatlipoca , who leaped into the fire and started the First Sun , called "4 Tiger".


This period was inhabited by giants who ate only acorns, and it came to an end when the giants were devoured by jaguars. The world lasted years, or 13 year cycles according to the pan-Mesoamerican calendar. Tezcatlipoca wanted to be Sun, and turned himself into a tiger and threw Quetzalcoatl off his throne. This world came to an end through catastrophic hurricanes and floods. The few survivors fled to the top of the trees and were transformed into monkeys. This world also lasted years. The Third Sun , or "4-Rain" Sun, was dominated by water: its ruling deity was the rain god Tlaloc and its people ate seeds that grew in the water.

This world came to an end when the god Quetzalcoatl made it rain fire and ashes. The survivors became turkeys , butterflies or dogs.

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Turkeys are called "pipil-pipil" in the Aztec language, meaning "child" or "prince. The Fourth Sun , the "4-Water" sun, was governed by the goddess Chalchiuthlicue , sister and wife of Tlaloc. The people ate maize. A great flood marked the end of this world, and all the people were transformed into fish.

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Script use:. Synopsis Details. Synopsis There are five suns in the Mayan cosmos … four of them represent cultivation, rain, life and death. The fifth sun is a human being whose destiny is to save his people. This powerful and acclaimed play presents the story of the people and the forces that transformed an ordinary man into a courageous leader. It is an experimental play that combines elements of ancient tomb rituals, Mayan temple dramas and medieval morality plays into a contemporary dramatic structure in which we see a human being ultimately embody the moral voice and vision of his people.

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