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All rights reserved. Sign in to annotate. Delete Cancel Save. I long for him to touch me, kiss me, and look at me the way he used to. He is a good father and a good provider, and I love him. But this matter is crushing my self-esteem. She winds up loving it; she says she regrets waiting so long; and husband lives happily ever after in cuckolded bliss. Reading so many cuckolding success stories—many likely fictitious—has left your husband convinced that if he just keeps at it, one day his wife will want to try it.

Some wives do try it and like it. Cuckenstein created a monster. He is free to think about whatever he wants to during sex—we all are—but he has to keep his cuckolding fantasies to himself. Wrap up the convo by informing him that from now on, your sex sessions end the moment the subject of you sleeping with other men is raised. No more closing your eyes and waiting for him to finish. And what kind of asshole can finish under those circumstances? If he brings up other men, EFFED, get off the bed, get out of the bedroom, and go to the kitchen and have some ice cream. Your husband needs to find a new erotic script that works for you both.

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The incentive for him: since you are open to many things—toys, games, dressing up, striptease—a fantasy scenario that turns you on is likely to become a reality scenario pretty quickly. I am a year-old married straight male. I have a lot of confusion regarding my sexual orientation and gender identity, and I am in therapy.

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My question for you is about my current self-pleasuring routine. Some are about cuckolding and femdom; some are about being brainwashed into sucking cock. It is all done in a really amateurish and hopefully ineffective way.

Am I destroying my brain here? They sound like a harmless way for an otherwise healthy, stable straight guy to fantasize about ceding his power and privilege to people the culture taught him to regard as weak and inferior, i. I always told myself that I would forgive my husband if he cheated on me.

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Well, he had an affair for eight months. He also blew through our savings and racked up considerable credit-card debt. The college fund we started for our two children is gone. He spent all of the money on fancy dinners, expensive gifts, and incredible vacations for his girlfriend. My husband ended the affair and wants desperately to save our marriage. Your husband betrayed you sexually and financially.

He stole from you.

Cuckold Stories: Real Accounts From Guys With A Submissive Side

He stole from his own children. Now, I can understand thinking with your dick because I have a dick , and we can all imagine a circumstance in which we might succumb to temptation because we all experience temptation. You are free to make up your own mind. I caught my husband playing cuckolding fantasies with this woman over the phone.

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She called herself cuckolding princess karin and I found out that he had spent thousands of dollars on their phone sex chats. It was completely humiliating for me. I am a husband of a wife who has tried it She wasn't forced and I did not read blogs before it happened. Some people are mature enough to make it work.

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Sex is an act. It is usually the trust and deceit that destroys a marriage. In saying that. If you are opposed to it, fine don't ever do it. Your husband has opened up to you and trusted you with something that he probably has told nobody else. Of anyone, you are and should be the one he can be honest with.