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Why does Paul warn about the natural branches broken off to the wild ones that are merely grafted on? Sorry if I rambled on, but feel this is a mission. You are very confused about salvation if you think it can be lost. I have posed this for you: Once saved always saved?

Amen Sharmaine. Regardless of what you believe, I am shocked by the meanness in some of these comments. I pray that we would all change our speech be it through spoken words or typed.

Jewish vegetarianism

God bless. Lord help us ALL! Instead of debating this, Anthony Patch who is a reborn born again christian has been studying this phenomenon for years.

He comes from a Christian scientific perspective. Yes, being loving and kind to one another in the midst of all of this is the most important thing we can do. You are so very correct Ann. Everyone on this blog should look him up and research his work as well. You can also go to a video on U-Tube one of many that discuss the Mandela Effect, biblical changes and much more.

The video addresses all of these issues being discussed herein. So many things are happening all around us, I encourage everyone to watch, read and learn, study. And I feel compelled to say …..

"Lawyer Jokes" and the Torah

Thank you dear Heavenly Father for forever burning Your Word into my heart and mind so that I may know Your Word and for giving me eyes that I may see and for ears that I may hear …. In revelations, it talks about the great deception that will come on the world. Folks its begun. You are in trouble. They are changing the very word of our Lord. God forbid we would lay down with Satan.

Jesus, on the other hand, is referenced as the Lamb of God who was slain for the sins of the world. But Jesus is also reference as the Lion of Judah who shall rule and reign forever and ever! It most likely always said the wolf and the lamb and many people are mis-remembering. Many other scriptures have been tampered with and anyone on this site that says it was always a Wolf had their memories tampered with… Just research the Mandela Effect.

I have a Bible from when a little girl and it always said Lion and Lamb….. He says Lion Fell in Love with the Lamb.. Always Mocking true scripture.. Get with it people…..

Misremembered Bible Quotes: The Lion and the Lamb

Soon more will be changed in the words of the bible.. Its all cut and dry except even they are noticing and also those that are not young pip-squeaks who profess to know all when they are just wet behind the ears. But to the rest, the Bibles have been changed, even ones from have been changed as well.. IE: there are some that have most of the original translations and who have read say from the version, very untainted version and when shows examples on Youtube how once a scripture that they read over and over for years actually changed in just days… YES Mysteriously changing before his eyes… This Mandela Effect will trick many into believing things were always written a certain way when they were not originally.

Wow, talk about making him look like a liar instead of the symbolism of King… King of Judah… Makes sense he came as a Lamb to Heal, but will Return as a Lion of Judah to Make right the abominations that has transpired through the earth… Then after his return when the healing takes place, that the Lion and Lamb can sit together in PEACE without harm to one another and throughout his whole land.. Now Wolf and Lamb makes no sense when you think about it because it really was never Wolf and Lamb… And King of Animals is always been called the Lion, but symbolically is the King of Judah, it has Always been Lion and Lamb to the point that statues were showing Lion and Lamb always, even ones you can purchase now..

The problem with the Mandela Effect is they are still working out kinks in changing the words of God, eventually hoping to delete it completely out. Remember is the last days darkness will be upon the whole earth, GOD is NOT weak but there is a short period that even the very Elect of God would be deceived.. YES Bible verses have been changed. Another example of sons and daughters rising up against parents for their names sake… Yes… be careful about modernism… Its very misleading and words MATTER.. The word stuff is now in bible and everyone remembers wine skins.

119 Jacob’s sheep, a heritage breed mentioned in Genesis, began arriving last week

My friends mom used to have a lion lamb figurine I always admired. Surely there should be actual video of people reading that passage way back before? Can someone find anything? Food for thought? Lion as in Lion of Judah? We know who that is. Lamb as in Lamb of God? Lamb of God has come and will open the Seals. Lion has yet to come and rule in the Mellinium.

The wolf and lamb does makes sense. In this part of the chapt each animal is coupled with that one which is its natural prey. These may be figures for men of corresponding animal-like characters Eze ; ; Jer ; ; Mt ; Lu Still a literal change in the relations of animals to man and each other, restoring the state in Eden, is a more likely interpretation. The wolf… the leopard… the young lion… the bear are the only ferocious animals of Palestine, where the tiger, the crocodile, the alligator, and the jaguar are unknown.

That the Palestinian bear was carnivorous, and a danger to man, appears by Lamentations ; Daniel ; Amos A little child shall lead them. The most powerful beasts shall submit to the control of a child. The point of the passage in question is that; There will be harmony in creation. Scripture is beautiful!

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Finding your articulate, rational comment amidst this deluge of ignorant sentimentality reminds me of the old story of the little girl excitedly shoveling her way through an enormous pile of horse manure. Let us not lose sight of what is meant here, and in difficult passages, allow scripture to interpret scripture. Be steadfast and patient, pray and study and the truth will set you free. He asked how many of us thought it was lion and lamb. Then he explained as this post did. If I have always been in the Word, and still have to go to the text sometimes myself, it is amazing that people in this world who have never even CLAIMED to be saved are now experts in it.

I know they are playing with us on this stuff. No doubt about that. Who is at the top of google, face book, the media, etc. They have technology now that can duplicate a voice, exactly. They can use holograms, etc. Satan is a deceiver and a liar. But there is no much new age vile in this mandela effect thing that it stinks to high heaven. Ask God to help you discern this mess.

10 Facts Messianic Jews for Jesus Don’t Want Jews to Know

He did me. Goodnight all. I spent over 25 yrs hearing multiple sometimes contradictory Scripture quotations.

What is this cult and are they any different from ordinary Christians?

The KJB! I still considered myself to be a Christian all while heavily involved in the new age metaphysical occult. God opened my eyes to the lie it is.

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He brought me to His Word. I trust it. All this Mandela effect stuff is a path that leads right back to the occult. Praise God! I guess hundreds upon hundreds of years and millions of Christians around the globe are all wrong with thier memory. But believe in stories typed in a book about a force unknown.

What blasphemy.